Black Women Were Used in the Worst Way Imaginable: Medical Innovation

Note: The shameful history of slavery must be spoken about as publicly and as often as possible, and the people who preserved it should be scolded and condemned throughout the present and future. The ones who lived through it, must be uplifted. Especially, Black women.

Portrait “Mothers of Modern Gynecology: Anarcha, Betsey, and Lucy”.
Illustration of Dr. J. Marion Sims with Anarcha by Robert Thom.
A brick representing the foundation that all 3 women: Anarcha, Betsey, and Lucy set for medical innovation in gynecological research who were tortured by J. Marion Sims.
This disposable bivalved plastic vaginal speculum is used in office gynecology.
Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present by Harriet A. Washington.
Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed (right) during Michelle Browder’s announcement (left), on Tuesday December 8, 2020, of the Anarcha, Lucy and Betsey: Mothers of Gynecology Monument that is to be built on The More Up Campus in Montgomery, Alabama.

Savion Wright is an educator, writer, singer-songwriter and family man. All inquiries should be made to

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